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2016  12th Annual Cougar Kick-Off Baseball Tournament
April 28th-May 1  On line Registration open 12/1


As the sister tournament to our Former highly acclaimed Cougar Classic, the Cougar Kick-Off has quickly become a popular "early bird" tournament.  While it doesn’t match the Classic's summer weather, the tournament delivers the same quality experience and the best playable fields in the month of April.  It starts with friendly community volunteers committed to making the tournament a great weekend for all.  Add to that, quality competition, quality umpires, and one of the best facilities in the Midwest.  Most fields feature grass infields, all have scoreboards and lights.  Patched umpires officiate each game.  An automatic severe weather detection system provides additional safety for all.  And not to be forgotten, our fans enjoy “running water” (clean) bathrooms, and great concessions.  It’s a combination that can’t be beat.

This tournament is open to community based first tier travel and feeder type programs. No ELITE travel programs or all-area teams accepted. The Cougar Kick-Off has always provided the best competitive play to area towns and border states that run community-based programs.

$ 475.00 



  • Please be sure to download and review the documents below.
  • 3 Games Guarantee
  • Individual Trophies for 1st and 2nd Place teams.
  • The fields have Dugouts, grass infields (most fields),scoreboards, and Lights.
  • Displayed, updated online results posted daily.
  • Please bring copies of birth certificates for your roster.  They will be reviewed at team check-in.
  • Coaches must check in 45 minutes prior to first game.
  • No charge for admission. Spectators will not be allowed to sit directly behind backstops.
  • All games will be played at the Vernon Hills Athletic Complex.
  • A coin toss will be used to determine the home and visiting team.  The home team must provide a scoreboard operator.
  • Tournament Central will be located at the concession stand.  Download a PDF map of VHAC.
  • Updated tournament results will be displayed at VHAC board.
  • Trophy Presentation will take place after the championship game at VHAC.
  • There will be daily concessions available:  Concessions will include hotdogs, hamburgers/cheeseburgers drinks and snacks.  No outside food and coolers are allowed in the complex.  
  • No Smoking
  • No Dogs


1. Go to the vhcyaa.org home page
2. At the top of the page, select "Team" tab
3. On the flyout menu select "Choose Team"
4. On the flyout menu select "2016 Baseball Tournaments"

5. On the flyout menu select "Cougar Kickoff"
5. You can then drill into your age group and your team. Once you click on your team, your schedule will be on the right side of the page.

Please note that as we are able to finalize Seeds and Division Winner, we will update that on the site as we know it. 



1. Go to the vhcyaa.org home page
2. At the top of the page, select "Team" tab
3. On the flyout menu, select "Standings"
4. On the Standings page in the Change Team section, please select "Spring 2015", "Cougar Kick Off". This will allow you to see the standings for all teams in the tournament.


Tournament Documents:



Please contact Mark Peterson at  with any questions.